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At the turn of each century, there has been a defining artist who thrusts the art world of that time period into the next movement forward.

Challenging the rules. Breaking barriers. Reds’ primitive contemporary style indicates the beginning of a modern movement coming full circle to the fundamentals of line, color and form. We hope that you enjoy viewing Reds’ work.


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When viewing Reds’ fine art acrylic paintings, it’s apparent this artist stands apart from what is now and what has come before. Reds’ ability to ignite the viewer into a world they recognize, yet have never seen before, is the principal allure of his paintings. His unique composition and energetic expression create a poetically simplistic yet boldly relaxed style. This primitive contemporary style exudes the artist’s mastery of a love of line, color and form.

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Reds’ aptly named “bizzarte” style is rooted in his study of the primitive art forms. As early as childhood and throughout his career, Reds has immersed himself in Celtic art, Pacific Northwest Native American art, Egyptian symbolism, and Japanese tattoo masters. Bizzarte is Reds’ intricate pen and ink style that tells stories within stories and engulfs the viewer within its complexity.

Throughout history, man has told stories through line art, from the basic to the complex. From the caves at Lascaux and the rock art of the Anasazi through millennia to modern cartooning, line art grounds humanity by story telling. Bizzarte is an amalgamation of these global art forms which have inspired Reds over his lifetime.

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Whether shooting photos while researching his next painting, or drawing from his vast archives of award-winning images, photography is an extension of Reds’ mind’s eye – the eye of the painter is captured in the lens. Reds shot many of the images displayed online while publishing the high-end magazine, Treasures by the Sea, a lifestyle publication that showcased beach life. He also travels extensively around the world and on cross-country “moto photo” tours to bolster his expansive photo collection. “Just as I layer my paintings for the optimal composition and color effect,” Reds said, “what makes a good photo is a bold foreground and reluctant focal point.”

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About Reds Regan

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Reds has been a professional artist for nearly a quarter century. In addition to his extensive commission works, he performs painting productions at wineries and special events throughout the California wine country and all over the U.S. Audience fascination and participation brings alive Reds’ randomly spontaneous painting style. It is the energy of the masses that brings the performance and the painting to its ultimate being. Reds’ live painting productions at wineries add a cultural and creative flair to wine tasting events. “Imagine the kind of bohemian scene like Toulouse Lautrec painting in the streets of Paris,” Reds said. “We’re trying to create a certain energy for people while they’re wine tasting because art and wine enrich our minds and bodies,” Reds stated.