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About  //  Reds Regan

His unique composition and energetic expression create a poetically simplistic yet boldly relaxed style. Reds’ work has been associated with Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Picasso.

Reds Regan

International artist Reds Regan has maintained a studio in Lake Tahoe throughout his 24-year art career. His signature primitive contemporary style is a display of lines, color and form leaving interpretation open on many levels.

The intensity of Reds’ work is based on his Irish heritage and the Celtic art forms he studied. Reds holds dual citizenship with Ireland where his family’s farm remains today just outside of Cork. Reds also studied aboriginal and other primitive art forms which shaped his signature primitive contemporary style.

Reds’ one-of-a-kind ambidextrous painting technique and energetic expression create a poetically simplistic yet boldly relaxed style that combined with his juxtaposition of primary and secondary colors results in immense visual impact. His work has been associated with Matisse, Miro, Picasso and many other greats who have broken out of the confines of art standards. It is the inspiration of these historic predecessors that gives Reds the wherewithal to create and paint such unique works, while always facing criticism and lack of understanding from those whom expect the ordinary. Undeterred to always push the boundaries, Reds’ artwork is a view of a world that lives on the edge and questions the present lack of artistic cultural wonderment.

Reds’ large acrylic canvases, which run as large as 10 feet tall, stand apart from any other artwork in the world. Reds has shown his work in galleries and various venues in Key West, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia and the International Art Expo in New York. He enjoys a following of diverse and eclectic collectors from around the world including the United States, Italy, Ireland, Japan and Russia.

Reds’ signature primitive contemporary style is reminiscent of prehistoric cave dwellings. His style possesses raw energy that conveys a message in a simple pictograph style. “What we view as primitive art was that culture’s contemporary expression at the time,” Reds said. “My style in essence harkens the viewer back to a simpler time while maintaining a modern edge.” Reds’ energy possesses a comforting aura that strikes a contrast to our technology-dependent society. His images draw the viewer into a world they recognize but yet have never seen before.

Reds is a Delaware native and has maintained an art studio at Lake Tahoe throughout his career. He studied art and design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia as well architecture at Spring Garden College which ignited his passion for line art. The architectural detail to line is the basis of all that Reds creates.

Reds grew up on the Brandywine River in the heart of the lush Brandywine Valley of Delaware. This area is the home of many great artists that were and are still part of the Brandywine School of Art. As a child, Reds passed by the studios of these artists every day as he walked to school. The awe-inspiring artists and studios of Schoonover, Pyle and the Wyeth family legacy were the driving force for Reds to live his artistic life. Even though Reds’ style does not reflect the Brandywine School of Art, the foundation was set. There is not a day that goes by where Reds does not reflect upon the moments that gave way to him to live the exceptionally lucky life of being an artist.

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When viewing Reds’ fine art at live shows you really have the idea of the greatness of composition and size.

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Live Winery photos


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Lava Cap Winery

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