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About  //  Reds Regan Primitive Contemporary Style


Primitive Contemporary Painting Style

Reds’ signature primitive contemporary painting style is reminiscent of prehistoric cave dwellings and serves as a bridge between the ancient painted story telling expressed 30,000 years ago and the creativity of modern fine art of today.

Reds’ images draw the viewer into a world they recognize but yet have never seen before. His primitive contemporary style is encapsulated in his brush strokes. His randomly spontaneous application of color evokes emotion. And the composition of his forms on canvas is powerfully sensual. As so many great painters have said, artists should use form and color not to simply replicate subject matter but to express emotion and arouse feelings in the viewer. Reds’ primitive contemporary art style embodies this philosophy.

Reds’ primitive contemporary display of lines, color and form leave interpretation open on many levels. The intensity of his work is rooted in his Irish heritage. Reds studied Celtic and many other culture’s primitive art forms while developing his own method. His unique composition and energetic expression create a poetically simplistic yet boldly relaxed style that combined with his juxtaposition of primary and secondary colors results in immense visual impact.

To achieve the depth of color in his paintings, Reds created a unique layering technique that was inspired by the Flemish school of painting. Reds uses more than 50 layers of color in each finished piece in a proprietary process where he ages the paint colors for a minimum of eight months. Just like fine wine is aged, so to is Reds’ paint palette. The result is his own unique colors that erupt from the canvas giving the viewer a prismic color bending experience that they have never before encountered.

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When viewing Reds’ fine art at live shows you really have the idea of the greatness of composition and size.

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M2 Winery

Live Winery photos


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Lava Cap Winery

Great Candid moments