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Portfolio  //  Primitive Contemporary

His unique composition and energetic expression create a poetically simplistic yet boldly relaxed style. Reds’ work has been associated with Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Picasso.

sample image


Reds believes paintings are not static objects just to be hung on a wall and left to fade into the background. Rather, Reds’ artwork is a window to a world to be viewed in many realms and to spark conversations over a lifetime.

Upon seeing Reds’ work, you experience a unique art moment in history – an acrylic masterpiece that will stand the test of time, just as the art of the masters who preceded him.

sample image


Reds’ passion for line art stems from his study of architecture and his ability to view the world in black and white, where shadows scream out to be captured in his images.

Bizzarte is the expression of stories within stories, where complexity converges with simplicity in a powerful display of intimate detail. The symbols portrayed serve as building blocks intertwined to create one holistic image.


sample image


Reds’ award-winning photography is foundational to his bizzarte genre and fine art paintings. His art studio features an active photo suite where upon he stages still life scenes and poses models just as Norman Rockwell and Vermeer did in their creative processes.

In order to achieve his desired photography images, Reds has a philosophy: Relax and then you will see it. This strategy helps slow the mind and heart rate in order to be open to receive what surrounds you and is usually directly in front of you but often overlooked.

This unique, meditative technique allows Reds to photograph his desired subjects in a single shot. He rarely shoots multiple images of the same scene. He feels getting a great photo on the first take builds a belief and trust in what the mind’s eye sees and imagines. The result is snappy and spontaneous with a crisp view of that moment. “So, relax and you will see it …”